1 Choose and buy a gift

You may add one or more personalized gifts to your cart./p>

Multiple gifts can all feature the same face or they can have different faces.


2 Send photo(s) to us


We will email you straight after your order with full instructions, requesting one or more photos of the person’s face as follows:

  • the front of the face - essential
  • the left side of the face - optional
  • the right side of the face - optional

How to send

Any of these ways is fine:

  • email
  • upload
  • mail (post)

Full instructions will be provided right after you order.

Only have the front photo?

No problem.

Imperfect photos?

No problem. Included in your gift price, we deal with removing red eye, rotation, colour balancing and so on. (See step 3 info for full list.)

Unsuitable photos?

If we really can’t work with the photo(s) you have provided, we will request better photos.

We email you a preview

We will process your photos using our advanced technology to build a 3D image of your gift. We will then email you images that preview your gift from different angles.


3 Approve (or request refinements)

Most customers are very happy with their gift preview. However, sometimes refinements are requested and we are happy to do all of the following at no extra charge:

  • modify face or head shape
  • alter the colour balance
  • alter skin tone
  • remove red eye

We can also accommodate most requests for advanced modifications. These do incur an additional charge, depending on the amount of work required. We can, for example:

  •  remove blemishes
  • remove scars
  • remove hair
  • even out lighting or remove shadowing
  • change eye (iris) colour
  • add overlay graphics (tattoos, scars)
  • artistically alter the skin




1 Upload and annotate photo(s) or select an existing face

Upload and annotate photo(s)

For this you need to have suitable photo(s). Requirements include: one photo directly head on and level, no hair on the face, no glasses, no teeth showing and good lighting. After uploading, the next step is to annotate the facial features. After a couple of hours your 3D face will be produced.

Or consider ‘We Do It’

If you are not confident with the above process, or if your photos would benefit from expert editing, then please consider using the ‘We do it’ method. Then you can just send us the photos and we will show you a preview and make the gift - for the same price.

Or select existing face

If you have already created your desired 3D face then simply select it using the Face Selector to the right of this page..


2 Preview gift options

This allows you to see how the 3D face will look on the various types of gift.

You can also choose altered versions of the face. So you can make a gift with the ethnicity changed, the age changed, the gender changed or even a caricature.


3 Choose and buy gift

You may add one or more personalized gifts to your cart. Multiple gifts can all feature the same face or they can have different faces.