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NBC adverts promoting the 30 Rock TV show used ThatsMyFace 12-inch action figures of the cast. The idea was to make realistic 30 Rock dolls and to get the staff to hold them for the advert.
  • Liz Lemon - Tina Fey Action figure: She wears glasses, jeans, a blazer, white shirt and funky shoes.
  • Jenna Maroney - Jane Krakowski Action figure: She wears stylish pumps, a skirt, a colorful blouse and a characteristic blond hair.
  • Tracy Jordan - Tracy Morgan Action figure: He wears funky sneakers, jeans with belt buckle, red puff jacket, tshirt and his distinctive necklace.
  • Kenneth Parcell - Jack McBrayer Action figure: He wears blazer top, gray pants, black shoes, his NBC badge, nametag and NBC tie.
  • Jack Donaghy - Alec Bladwin Action figure: He smart suit and black shoes.

Below are some 3D previews of the heads used for the figures. The female heads don't include the wigs which were fitted on in the final stages of production.

30 Rock Action figure head previews by ThatsMyFace.com

Production previews of the specially hand-made props for the Jack McBrayer doll:

Jack 30 Rock Action figure props preview by ThatsMyFace.com